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Marți, 12 Februarie 2019 18:57

I'd love to study abroad! How can the EU help me?

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You'd love to study abroad, but you're afraid of the cost, the question of language, the complicated and demanding application process… Don't be afraid: EU exchange opportunities are for everyone, for free, and the process is simpler than you think.

To help you find out what is available and how to apply, the EU Neighbours East project has published a new set of e-cards to guide you through the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.

Erasmus+ offers a fantastic range of opportunities for young people in the Eastern Partner countries, whether to study abroad, take part in international youth activities, or even apply for work placements in the EU.

But finding out what is available can be a challenge, and applications can seem daunting: so for each country, the e-cards answer 7 key questions you may be asking, in simple language and with clear information, as well as links and contacts to find out more.

Click on the e-card now to discover these unique opportunities:

Erasmus+ in the Republic of Moldova


Photo: European Union

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